Friday, April 8, 2016

Time Flies

It is almost the end of March, 2016. Time flies. Whether you are having fun or not, time flies. It is hard to believe that I have exiled myself from writing for this long, even harder to believe that I am going to start back up again!

I have learned much over my 47 (OK, almost 48) years of life. The best and most important lesson I have learned is that time is a limited and valuable commodity. Cherish it. Revel in it. Do not take it for granted: not one day, one hour, one minute or even one second.

We often feel we have plenty of time to do the things in life we want, to share special moments with our spouses, our children, our siblings, our parents and our friends. Sometimes we are so busy we ignore those we should pay the most attention to. Sometimes we are hurt by others and shut them out of our lives, thinking we can consider forgiving them later. We have time to be angry and upset, we have time to let them know we are hurting.

In reality, we can only HOPE we have plenty of time, we do not actually know how much time we have. We are never really sure when our last conversation with someone will be or when a hug will be someone's last hug. We don't know if the last words we said to someone we care about will be the the last words they hear us say.

This is not meant to be a morose post, I am not a morose person. Let me say that each and every day we should be sure to enjoy it for what it is. To not take it for granted, to revel in it as much as possible and to go out of our way to make those in our lives happy.

Like all of us I have known loss, tragedy and heart break. I have also known joy, compassion and love. I choose to remember and cherish all the good I have experienced in my life. I choose to move on from the loss, tragedy and heart ache. I choose to not hold grudges against those that have hurt me, but to forgive and move forward. I choose to move forward and to not look back.

This is not as easy to do as it is to write. It is because it is difficult that I know it is worth doing. I'm done licking my wounds, I'm done living in the past.

Time flies. Tell your family and friends you love them. Forgive those who have wronged you. Be happy. Smile. Laugh.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


It's March 1st and I have officially had enough of winter at this point. I recently tried to embrace winter, went skiing and actually enjoyed my time on the hill even if I was a bit rusty after a 25 year hiatus. Still, with February behind me and Daylight Savings Time on my doorstep next weekend it is only natural that my attention has fully shifted to my golf game.

More than any other year I am eager to get out on a course (any course) and hit the little white ball around. I played more golf last year than I ever have before and was able to lower my handicap to 16, which is just a bit higher than my goal was. I played on more courses in Atlantic Canada than I have, some for the first time.

2014 will be my best year ever on the golf course, in fact it will be a great year all round for golf in Atlantic Canada. While my personal goal is to shave at least 5 strokes off my handicap, I also want to experience a few more courses this year.

Northumberland Links in Pugwash NS is truly a gem and it has been a few years since I have experienced the fast greens there, I highly recommend this public course to all golfers as it is one of my favourites. I'd also like to play the friendly course at the Truro Golf Club in 2014, the changes there over the past few years have made the course even more friendly.

No doubt I will play my share of rounds in my home province of New Brunswick. With my membership at Lakeside Golf Club I will see the lions share of my rounds there, but also at Fox Creek in Dieppe and Royal Oaks in Moncton. Consistent play with scores in the 80's will be my goal.

In early July the new course at Ashburn Golf Club in Halifax Nova Scotia will be hosting the first ever Canada Cup and the Nova Scotia Open, a Tour event. I am already making my plans to be there. Not as a player mind you, as a spectator only.

Yes, Spring is still three weeks away and there is way too much snow on the fairways here in Moncton to actually play the game, but I can see the warmer weather coming. I bet I will even be able to get a cold weather round in this month at a course in Nova Scotia... Stay tuned for updates to the best year for golf in Atlantic Canada, and the year I play the best golf of my life!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The MasterCard Moment? Not Really...

MasterCard has a pretty good marketing thing going with their "Priceless" campaign, so much so that last weekend the following was going through my mind when a snapped this photo:

Kneepads for 2 volleyball playing daughters - $50
Court shoes for 2 volleyball playing daughters - $300
Gas and meals for 10 volleyball tournaments - $1,300
Two regional volleyball championship banners – PRICELESS!!

Yes those really are my two volleyball playing teenage daughters, yes their teams really did win both of these championship banners and yes I really am their super proud father (as my bio highlights). 

Unfortunately for MasterCard only their marketing efforts are what I use, not their card. 

One tournament left for each of the girls this fall, both of their teams are competing in the Provincial Finals. Wouldn't it be nice to have the same photo with Provincial Champions banners next month?